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WriteSea supports job boards in driving user engagement and revenue growth by offering no-cost resume reviews and extensive career services to all candidates.

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WriteSea’s AI Suite transforms career services by automating essential tasks for students and staff, allowing career counselors to focus on strategic and personalized student guidance.

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Empower your audience with WriteSea’s white-labeled career mobility suite, enhancing your credibility and creating a new, ethical revenue stream.

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WriteSea streamlines workforce development with AI tools that reduce staff workload and enhance career outcomes for professionals.

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WriteSea enhances support for non-profits and professional organizations with AI tools that boost member employability and provide actionable insights.

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Leverage WriteSea’s cutting-edge AI technology to build better resumes, practice interviews, and negotiate higher salaries, setting you apart in the competitive job market


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Unlock new revenue streams and elevate the candidate experience with our AI-driven resume review and tailored career enhancement services.

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