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Unlock new revenue and enhance your job seeker's experience with white-labeled career services.

Working with the largest job boards and recruitment marketplaces across the globe

What can we do for you?

Maximize Your Revenue

Unlock large sums of revenue by offering valuable career services like resume enhancement, cover letter development, and LinkedIn profile development directly on your platform.

Enhanced User Experience

Our platform integrates seamlessly with yours, providing a superior candidate experience. Make it convenient for them to receive and upload updated resumes directly on your platform.

Guaranteed Compensation

Say goodbye to cookie windows and click-based compensation. We are proud to offer a white-labeled solution that ensures straightforward, assured revenue.

Hear from executives in the recruitment marketplace industry

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How we can change the world together

1- Choose Your Service Offerings

Once you become a partner you will have the ability to offer resume enhancement, LinkedIn profile development, and/or cover letter development services to your users. Our team will help you create custom packages and pricing depending on your audience demographics. 

2- Determine Your Management Style

We offer white-labeled or non white-labeled career services fully managed by our team of professional writers, executive coaches, and world class support from start to finish.

3- Set Up Your Portal

WriteSea is a white-labeled business solution to manage your career services operations from implementation to execution. We can have your portal, custom packages, and pricing set up within 4 weeks.

4- Launch

Our team will create your marketing strategy and messaging, a seamless onboarding experience for you users, and manage quality control of products to maintain a positive reputation for your brand.

If you truly care about your candidates

Writesea helps online recruitment marketplaces unlock new revenue by offering white-labeled career services to its candidates. Our mission is to help candidates find meaningful work and employers find quality talent. By partnering with us, job boards have the capability to increase their bottom line and improve the overall candidate experience. If you truly care about your candidates, schedule a demo with our team today.


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