5 Reasons Your Resume Writing Business Isn’t Growing

Over the past few years, we’ve seen massive growth in the resume writing and professional development sector. This growth may stem from the fact that job seekers who purchased a professionally written resume had a 32% higher rate of landing jobs, according to Glassdoor. In other words, there is certainly a need for resume writers, which has only heightened as we saw the massive layoffs many workers experienced because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The data is trending up, so why is your resume writing business struggling? Whether you’re a solo contractor or running a team of writers, we have 5 reasons why your business may be struggling and what you can do to fix it.

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1. Your process isn’t streamlined

Oftentimes, clients hate complicated processes. If it isn’t easy for them, they’re less inclined to do it. Are you finding that many of your clients aren’t seeing their order through to the end? Or perhaps your struggle is stemming from clients leaving less than favorable reviews because they struggled to understand your process.

If your existing clients are dissatisfied with how your process functions, potential clients will probably hear about it. Whether that news comes from word of mouth or by customer reviews, it’s going to hurt your business. In fact, one bad review will probably cost you about $3,000 each year on average, according to this article. Ensuring your process is streamlined and easy is a great way to ensure your resume writing business continues to bring in clients.

2. Your communication methods are outdated

Let me guess, you’re probably conducting all client communications through email. While there’s nothing innately wrong with this method, it isn’t the best. It also means you’re sifting through long email chains and always having to reorganize your inbox, which is costing you time and money. It’s probably also inconvenient when you need to find specific documents for clients.

As much trouble as you have finding these documents and important messages, your clients are struggling just as much. Again, this may cause decreased client satisfaction and it hurts employee productivity. Neither is a recipe for success. Communications need to be easy and efficient if your company wants to supply your clients with quality products quickly.

3. Nothing is automated

Being able to automate parts of your services and processes will be a huge benefit to you and your business. If you have to wait every time to manually notify a writer or notify a client or even process a payment, you’re pushing off the time it takes your team to deliver the final product. When it comes to applying to jobs, clients want to be able to start right away. After all, it does usually take most job seekers 3-6 months to land a job.

Saving both you and your clients time is an excellent way to build strong client relationships and increase the number of orders your team is able to complete each period. Satisfied clients lead to more satisfied clients. It’s as simple as that.

4. Your client and team management method is overly complicated

The last thing you want to happen when working with clients and a team of writers is for things to fall through the cracks. Maybe one of your writers missed a deadline or maybe your clients have gone unresponsive. Micromanaging all of these different aspects can take a serious chunk out of your time and it can be incredibly difficult to monitor without a bird’s eye view of your organization.

Your time and your effort are extremely valuable, and placing both into the wrong parts of your business can seriously hurt it. It’s also a really easy mistake to make. Being able to migrate from micromanagement to macro-management can improve your business immensely.

5. You don’t have a centralized platform for your business

Each of these factors mentioned above can also be solved by having a centralized platform for your business. Bringing your business together into a centralized place via a platform helps to save you time and money and contributes to your overall business development.

However, many resume writing companies do not have the resources or funds to develop a unique platform for themselves and their clients. Fortunately, WriteSea has. If you’re looking to streamline your resume writing business, contact our team at hello@writesea.com to find out how you can schedule a free demo with our team to preview Writesea, the future of client management for resume writers.

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