How to Increase Cash Flow Using Social Media

With a constantly evolving marketing landscape, more effective avenues to promote your business are emerging. As of 2022, there are a total of 4.65 billion active social media users worldwide (Statista).

With an exponentially growing online presence, social media is no longer limited to personal use only. When utilized strategically, social media can be an essential tool to reach your customers and gain revenue in the long run.

We’ll discuss four social media platforms you should leverage, and the most effective type of content for each platform.


There are over 1 billion users on the platform with over 200 million daily active users. Instagram allows you to post different types of media, including photos, stories, reels (videos less than one minute in length), and IGTV videos (videos up to one hour long).

Although simple photo posts have been successful on this platform for many years, lately, videos in the form of reels and stories have been receiving more engagement.

Here’s an example from Resume Writer & Career Coach Juanita Barkley and her tip on words to remove from your resume. She has over 133,000 followers, but this Reel has been viewed over 10 million times!


With more than 774 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. Similar to Instagram, LinkedIn lets you post photos, stories, and videos. You can also create text posts and add links to external websites, videos, etc. in these posts.

The great thing about LinkedIn is that all of these media forms are great to post on LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn posts generally perform better when a photo, video, or external link is associated with a longer text message (preferably more than 200 characters).

Here’s an example from Sarah Englade, Founder of Monarch Talent Solutions and her post about accepting an interview prep offer from a recruiter. She has nearly 10,000 followers on her personal page and this post has over 3,000 likes. As you can see, the post contains no photos, videos, or links - it’s just a long text post!


Facebook has 2.89 billion users with around 1.9 billion daily active users. Facebook allows you to post the same type of content as LinkedIn: photos, videos, stories, and text posts.

However, the best strategy when posting on Facebook, is to use the Facebook Ads feature. Facebook Ads allow you to advertise your content to reach a small or large audience on both Facebook and Instagram. You can set daily or campaign budgets and set filters to advertise to the correct audience within your budget.

Here’s an example of a Facebook Ad from Square Yards Canada:

Square Yards Canada Facebook Ad

Your ad will appear as a sponsored post in your target audience’s feeds, including a short description, a prompt to direct the viewer to your website (or other links), and an image, graphic, or video of your choice. Depending on the purpose of your campaign, you can include appropriate text, images, and a link to promote a service, event, or other resources.


Although TikTok is relatively new, there are already over a billion users on the platform. TikTok lets you post video content up to three minutes long. TikTok has a unique algorithm that has the potential for your videos to go viral even if you have little to no followers!

Posting regular videos to your TikTok page, and utilizing the Creative Marketplace are two great ways to change the trajectory of your business. TikTok Creative Marketplace allows you to search for TikTok creators by filtering through various industries, demographics, and budgets. You are able to view creators’ analytics including average views per video, average likes, comments, shares, and more. Once you narrow your options down to a few creators that match your demographic and budget, you can reach out to them directly through the platform to negotiate the terms of the partnership.

Here’s an example from Career Consultant Jackie Caves and her tip on what not to include on your resume. Jackie has over 200,000 followers on TikTok and this video reached almost 3 million views!

In summary, social media is an effective way to market your business. Ensure you have a good system in place to manage all of your new clients. Let us know how these have helped your business.

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