15 Enticing Headlines Examples to Get More Clicks

15 Enticing Headlines Examples to Get More Clicks

Creating catchy headlines is a must for your blogs, email subject lines, and other resources. After all, it's the headline that draws readers in and makes them want to learn more. Continue reading this blog for some quick tips on writing enticing headlines and 15 examples that you can customize.

Keep Your Headlines Clear and Concise

Make sure the headline is clear and concise. People don't want to read long, convoluted sentences, so keep it short, sweet, and to the point. The optimal email subject line length is no more than 7 words or 45 characters long. The optimal length for a blog title on the other hand is between 8 to 12 words or 60 characters. Depending on what your headline is being used for, a quick Google search can help you determine the optimal length.

Make Sure to Use Active Language

An active headline reads better and is more likely to grab the reader's attention. The key is to use power words to make a simple title more enticing. For example, a title such as ‘Sections to Include in Your Email Newsletter’ can be changed to ‘5 Must-Have Sections for Crafting the Perfect Email Newsletter’.

Here’s a quick list of 10 power words you can use:
  • Free
  • Amazing
  • Ultimate
  • Powerful
  • Easy
  • Surprising
  • Compelling
  • Impactful
  • Best
  • Cheap

Use Relevant Keywords in Your Headlines

Make sure to use keywords related to your topic. This will help your article rank higher in search engine results. WordPress includes 6 free SEO plugins that you can install and simply use A/B testing to determine which keywords rank higher. For more free keyword tools outside of WordPress plugins, check out this article we found on 10 free keyword research tools for writing compelling headlines.

15 Customizable Headline Examples

1. How to [Topic]: A Step-by-Step Guide

2. We Asked Experts About [Topic]: Here’s What They Said

3. The Unbelievably Easy Way to [Accomplish Something]

4. [Topic]: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

5. [Issue?]: Here’s the Best Way to Deal with it

6. Why [Do One Thing] When You Can Do [Something Else]?

7. Don’t Ever Worry About [Issue] Again

8. [#] Beginner Mistakes on [Topic] You Can Avoid

9. The truth behind [Topic]

10. Why [Topic] is Worth Your Attention

11. [#] Secrets to learning [Topic]

12. [#] Things I Wish I Learned Earlier

13. [#] Shocking Truths About [Topic]

14. [#] Fool-proof Formulas That Work For [Topic]

15. Stop Wasting Money on [Topic] By [Doing This]

We hope you found this helpful! If you did, make sure to also check out our blog on 5 Event Reminder Emails You Can Customize here. We want to help you every step of the way in growing your business. Let us know if this helped you write effective event reminder emails in the comments section below.

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