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Empower your audience to land more interviews and secure job opportunities with our AI Career Mobility Suite. Create a new revenue stream by offering these valuable tools under your own brand.

Our Comprehensive AI Career Mobility Suite

AI Resume Builder

Create Impactful
Resumes Instantly

Transform your resume into a powerful tool that captures the attention of recruiters and hiring managers worldwide. Our AI-driven tool customizes your resume for your desired roles, ensuring it shines in the competitive job market.

Access ATS-friendly templates for a streamlined application process

Utilize AI for crafting compelling professional summaries

Highlight your achievements with our AI resume writer

AI Cover Letter Generator

Cover Letters
Made Simple

Create cover letters that resonate with employers. Our AI generator tailors each cover letter to your application, making personalization simple and fast.

Generate cover letters that align with your resume and the job's requirements

Choose the tone of your cover letter to match the company culture

Optimize your cover letter for the perfect length: standard, short, or detailed

AI Interview Prep

Ace Your Interviews with Confidence

Get customized interview preparation tailored to the specific job you’re targeting. Our AI tool provides relevant questions and strategic tips.

Develop interview questions and answers based on the job description

Practice with sample responses to improve your technique

Receive personalized advice on responding to interview questions

Contact Tracker

Organize and Engage Your Professional Network

Stay connected with your professional contacts. Our tracker helps you manage and engage with your network effectively.

Easily add and manage professional contacts

Monitor interactions and follow-ups within your network

Send tailored messages based on your relationship status with each contact

Job Tracker

Track Your Job Applications with Ease

Keep tabs on every stage of your job application process. From initial interest to offer acceptance, our tracker keeps you informed and organized.

Add and track an unlimited number of job opportunities

Monitor your application's progress in a centralized hub

View and manage all job applications in one place

Salary & Benefits Negotiation

Negotiate Like a

Get AI-powered guidance to negotiate the best salary and benefits package. Our tool provides tailored guidance based on your unique job offer and professional experience.

Receive real time feedback on how to negotiate your salary and benefits based on your resume, job description, and offer letter

Select which benefits you want to negotiate such as: paid time off (pto), remote work, salary, bonus, educational opportunities, etc.

Analyze and compare multiple job offers for the best outcome

Admin Dashboard

Empower Your Brand with Seamless Administration

Streamline your brand management with our intuitive Admin Dashboard. Effortlessly manage your audience, customize your platform, and engage your followers with specialized tools designed for efficiency and brand consistency.

Comprehensive Audience Management

Easily add and manage your audience with flexible control over user groups and unlimited follower accounts.

Tailored Platform Customization

White-label your domain and tailor the user interface with your own logos and color schemes to reflect your unique brand.

Enhanced Audience Engagement

Create custom onboarding forms and utilize interactive prompts to foster meaningful discussions about career goals and aspirations.

Why This Matters to You

Boost Your Credibility and Trust

By offering a product that genuinely works and provides immense value to job seekers worldwide, you enhance your credibility. Your audience will trust you more because they see you promoting something beneficial for their careers.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Add a significant revenue stream to your portfolio. Instead of just earning from advertisements, you now have a product that you can sell directly to your audience, creating a more stable and potentially lucrative income source.

Enhance Career Outcomes for Your Audience

Help your audience secure employment with tools that are designed to improve their job search process. By aiding in resume building, cover letter writing, interview preparation, and job application tracking, you are contributing to their professional success.

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