Increase your Hiring Platform’s Bottom Line By 50% Month Over Month Without Lifting a Finger.
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Introducing Managed Career Services

As a job board you get thousands if not millions of job seekers to visit your website monthly.

Yet, most of your revenue stems from companies paying to post jobs on your website.

When in reality you should be generating revenue from job seekers who need career services.

You’re Probably Wondering, But Why?

According to the bureau of labor statistics it takes on average 6 months to secure a new job. 

Yet, when working with a career expert we’ve seen the average time to land a new job decrease in half. 

WriteSea is an all-in-one business solution built by career services for career services.

We are on a mission to empower every job board to offer career services increasing the likelihood of their users securing new job opportunities.

The Process Is Simple

1- Choose Your Services

You can choose to offer resume enhancement, LinkedIn profile development, and/or cover letter development services to your users. We will help you create different packages and custom pricing depending on your audience demographics.

2- Determined Your Management Style

We offer a fully managed white-labeled career services operations model to manage the process from start to finish or we can provide you with the proper staff to easily manage projects on your own.

3- Set up your portal

WriteSea is a white-labeled business solution to manage your career services operations from implementation to execution. We will have your operations set up within 2 to 4 weeks.

4- Launch

We will create your marketing strategy and messaging, create a seamless onboarding experience for you users, and manage quality control of products to maintain a positive reputation for your brand.

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