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Writesea offers white-labeled career services to help job boards increase their bottom line and improve the candidate experience.

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Brand Consistency

White-labeling offers you the advantage of seamlessly integrating career services into your existing business. Clients feel as if they are using a cohesive system, which maintains brand consistency.

User Experience

By customizing the features, interfaces, and services, you can ensure that your users have the best experience.

Increased Revenue

Offering your own career services allows you to directly monetize them instead of referring users to third-party providers with limited cookie windows. Therefore, if your candidates don’t purchase any services within the limited time provided you are not compensated.

Customer Retention

Having customers using your products or services increases the chances of customer retention. Additionally, it increases customer loyalty because users do not have to deal with third parties.

Competitive Advantage

Your company can set itself apart by offering a service that no one else offers.

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Job Boards

Increase revenue by providing your users with top-of-the-line career services.

Hiring Platforms

Improve the quality of talent available to your clients by helping candidates polish their profiles.

Job Aggregators

Create a competitive edge by offering integrated solutions for job seekers, improving platform value and user retention.

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Integrate our white-labeled Managed Career Services with your platform.

Increase your bottom line and improve your candidate experience with our top-quality career services.

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