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WriteSea offers white-labeled career services to job boards, hiring platforms, and job aggregators to increase their bottom line and improve the overall candidate experience.

WriteSea partners with job boards all across the globe

AI Resume Review

Real-Time Resume Feedback

Candidates receive real-time feedback on how employers will view their resumes, covering structure, impact, language, ATS compatibility, and best fit jobs.

Career Consultations

Personalized Career Guidance


Our team of career coaches offers complimentary consultations to all candidates to discuss their career goals, experience, and available career service offerings.

CSAT for Resume Review

Resume Review Feedback

We collect feedback from candidates on the value of the resume review, allowing them to rate the feedback from 1-5 stars and provide personalized comments.

Career Services

Comprehensive Career Services

We offer services tailored to boost the visibility and effectiveness of job seekers’ profiles, including resume enhancement, LinkedIn profile development, cover letter development, and reverse recruiting.

Career Services Portal

Seamless Career Management

A portal is created for each candidate upon purchasing services, allowing them to communicate with career coaches, upload documents, and track service progress.

Admin Dashboard

Comprehensive Partner Management

Our Admin Dashboard offers partners a powerful tool to monitor and manage their operations seamlessly. Partners can view detailed analytics on revenue, the number of orders, and the status of resume critiques submitted, ensuring they have all the information needed to optimize their services and drive success.

How It Works

Step 1

Integrate Our Solution

Integrate our services through full or partial API integration to seamlessly enhance your job board platform.

Step 2

Create an Account and Select Career Services

The job board sets up an account and chooses the career services they wish to offer.

Step 3

Set Up Marketing Campaigns

Launch marketing campaigns to promote the new free resume review and career services.

Step 4

Launch Your Free Resume Review and Career Services Offering

Activate the free resume review feature and additional career services to improve job seekers’ application success.

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