Transparent Order Management For Writers & Coaches

Your customer’s journey starts at the purchase, which triggers automatically available workflows between them and their writer. The collaborative process of information gathering, document production, and a full revisions process are transparent for business owners to monitor at any moment.

WriteSea Facilitates Your Process, Your Way

Your current business processes are provided a structure to be tracked, managed, and automated. WriteSea becomes the framework that allows you to streamline and further dial-in your daily work. Modules, workflows, and products allow you to meet the needs of every client subset while replacing many manual steps in your process.


Reduce your manual processes instantly!

Segment your customers and their purchases into a product that includes all the relevant information for that specific customer type.
  • Built for them workflows
    Create unlimited products that include workflows designed specifically to meet your customer’s needs.

  • Bring everything into one place
    Gather information through questionnaires, chat 1:1 with customers, revise documents due to customer feedback, provide coaching and more in a dedicated workspace



Scale faster with teams on WriteSea

 Manage workload of all team members
  • Assign orders to the right writer
    Gather information about a customer and writers industry match, then evaluate how busy the writer is compared to their desired workload

  • Oversee the quality of your team’s work
    Choose to approve or reject all drafts before they are sent to a customer and monitor feedback (from customers) as a writer analytics comparison

Order Management

Order tracking and management done for you

See who is working on what, with which customer, anytime
  • Monitor the progress of all orders in realtime
    Track order status from 0% to 100%, or login to any writer and customer portals with just a click from your admin portal

  • Comprehensive order information
    Searchable order information based on the percentage of completion, customer name, writer/coach name, product name, and more

Proud Members

Much, much more than a CRM.

CRM's are great, and necessary, but CRM's don't allow writers to work with customers, tie all communications to a purchase, send automated notifications to either party, allow customers to pay on the platform, or give an opportunity for customers to tip.

A quick note: 1 in 7 customers are giving tips on WriteSea (as reported by WriteSea users), and in many cases the tips are great enough to cover the cost of thier monthly WriteSea subscription.

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