Increase Your Bottom Line & Improve The Candidate Experience

Writesea offers white-labeled career services to job boards, hiring platforms, and job aggregators to increase their bottom line and improve the overall candidate experience.

White-Labeled Managed Career Services

Offering career services can differentiate a job board from its competitors, leading to a larger user base and increased market share. A survey by EY found that 40% of customers are likely to switch brands or providers for better personalization and customization options. By offering a more comprehensive and personalized experience, job boards can attract and retain more users.

Providing career services can lead to higher conversion rates for job boards, as users who receive personalized support are more likely to successfully land a job using the platform. Research from CEB (now Gartner) indicates that personalized experiences can deliver five to eight times the return on investment for marketing expenditures and lift sales by 30% or more.

A study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that the average cost-per-hire for companies is $4,129, and it takes 42 days to fill a position. By offering career services that improve the quality of applicants and shorten the hiring process, job boards can help reduce hiring costs and strengthen their relationships with employers.

AI Resume Review

Our AI resume review provides a holistic view of how your users can enhance their professional document to land more interviews with potential employers on your platform.

Reverse Recruiting

By integrating Reverse Recruiting services, you provide your users with a significant advantage in their job search, greatly enhancing their chances of securing interviews with potential employers. The reverse recruiting process encompasses an end-to-end managed job search. This begins with the meticulous preparation of each candidate’s professional documents, including resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters, and culminates in the submission of job applications on their behalf. Our service can save each candidate over 130 hours, a substantial time-saving benefit. More importantly, our expertise in job searching, honed through dedicated practice, surpasses the average professional’s capabilities. Here’s what our team offers:

Resume Enhancement

By offering resume enhancement services, your job board becomes more than just a listing site—it becomes a comprehensive career resource. This added value can help attract and retain users, as they can not only find job opportunities but also receive crucial assistance in presenting their skills and experiences effectively to potential employers. Ultimately, this contributes to user success, enhances satisfaction, and promotes loyalty to your platform.

LinkedIn Profile Development

Offering LinkedIn profile development services as a job board provides a comprehensive career advancement solution for your users. Not only does it assist job seekers in creating a standout online professional presence, but it also enhances their networking capabilities, making them more visible to recruiters and potential employers. This additional service enriches the value proposition of your platform, ensuring users see your job board as a multifaceted resource in their career journey. 

Cover Letter Development

Providing cover letter development services as part of your job board offerings equips your users with a critical tool for standing out in the competitive job market. A well-crafted cover letter can highlight a candidate’s unique skills and experiences, and demonstrate their fit for a specific role in a way that a resume alone cannot. By offering this service, your platform becomes a more comprehensive career resource, supporting users in all aspects of their job application process and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

White-Labeled Client Management Portal

Having a white-labeled client management system allows you to deliver a professional, cohesive, and branded experience to your customers. It enhances customer engagement by offering an intuitive and seamless interface for tracking projects, communicating updates, and managing interactions. Moreover, presenting this system under your own brand boosts recognition and trust, reinforcing your reputation as a company that invests in delivering excellent customer service and project management.

Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard analytics provide valuable insights into user behavior, platform engagement, and performance trends, empowering you to make data-driven decisions. With this real-time visibility, you can identify strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and track the impact of changes or initiatives. This level of transparency enhances strategic planning, fosters continuous improvement, and ultimately drives the success and growth of our partnership.

Ready to increase your bottom line and improve the overall candidate experience for your users?

Writesea helps online recruitment marketplaces unlock new revenue by offering white-labeled career services to its candidates. Our mission is to help candidates find meaningful work and employers find quality talent. By partnering with us, job boards have the capability to increase their bottom line and improve the overall candidate experience. If you truly care about your candidates, schedule a demo with our team today.


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