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Empowering Counselors
with AI-Driven Career Mobility Tools

To give students a competitive edge to land their dream career while reducing your workload by 20 hours per week.

The Overwhelming Challenge Faced by Career Counselors

Extends beyond the traditional job search process, posing an exceptional burden. Counselors are tasked with assisting thousands of students, significantly exceeding their manageable capacity. This elevated workload compounds the already daunting challenge for both students and counselors, making the job search process notably demanding. It requires career counselors to review & edit multiple versions of resumes & cover letters, prepare students for multiple interviews, and track hundreds of applications. This method, although tried and true, is very time-consuming and often not the most efficient.

A Suite of Groundbreaking Career MobilityTools

Introducing the suite of AI tools to help streamline the job searching process for students and career counselors worldwide.

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ReduceYour Workload, Increase Your Impact

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During your demo you’ll see how WriteSea’s suite of AI career mobility tools can save you 20 hours per week.

WriteSea is a suite of AI career mobility tools that empowers job seekers, case managers, and career counselors to navigate the job searching process with ease. Some key features include an AI Resume Builder, AI Cover Letter Generator, AI Interview Prep Generator, AI Career Assistant, Contact Tracker, and Job Search Tracker. If you truly care about your candidates & students, schedule a demo with our team today.

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